Gangster Yadav real name is Chandan Rai Yadav. Gangster Yadav is the first bhojpuri rapper of bhojpuri music industry. He has done his debut from Bhojpuri song “Thaein Thaein Bole Riffle Se Goli” with Bhojpuri Singer Amit Kumar. This Rapper has proved his acting skills from his first video “Riffle se goli”. His Dashing looks and charismatic charm has made young girls and boys his fans. Young generation from Bihar, UP and Jharkhand have started seeing him as there youth icon as he has set a standard for Bhojpuri Industry and will definitely gonna give a tough time to his upcoming competitors.

In Recent interview, Gangster Yadav shared his views regarding level of bhojpuri music industry which was directly poking those singers who want fame from their vulgar and double meaning songs. He said,”I’m really disappointed with the level of bhojpuri music where every second person releases his video showering vulgarity and double meanings in their songs. This thing is really disappointing for a State like Bihar which has given stars like Shatrughan Sinha, Sonakshi Sinha, Manoj bajpayee etc. I myself has done a commitment to change the level of music in bhojpuri music industry and bring a revolution in music industry, so that a new level of singers should arise who represent our State at national and International level.”

gangster yadav

Gangster Yadav has actually set a level for bhojpuri music by introducing a new culture of Rap music which is actually new in bhojpuri music industry. The song ” RIFLE SE GOLI ” has made a huge success in the bhojpuri music with in few days of release.

This young champ is born in Chapra, Bihar but,currently staying in Chandigarh.He has done bachelors in computer application. He had a keen interest in writing,music and acting which pushed him towards this carrier. He is 5’7 tall with black-brown eyes, fair complexion and muscular toned body.

He believes that Bhojpuri cinema industry has lots of potential to compete with pollywood, tollywood and bollywood but some sick people have ruined the industry and as well as our culture by releasing nonsense, vulgar cheap and indecent songs. He claims that its now high time to raise the standards of our bhojpuri cinema by changing the old trends and techniques like Punjabi cinema industry has done.

Gangster Yadav fresh thoughts and dedication in work seems like that he will definitely set a level for himself in bhojpuri cinema as well as music industry.We wish him luck for his future and upcoming project. Now, It seems Bihar music industry has set level high for Upcoming singers. Now he is working on more Rap song projects which will be soon launched in market.

Gangster Yadav Upcoming Bhojpuri Rap Songs

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Gangster Yadav Upcoming Hindi Rap Songs

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